Product Overview

The Glassmend Windscreen Repair Kits are highly successful tools used in workshops and windscreen repair and replacement shops all over the world. Established in 1992, the system has been developed and refined over more than 2 decades and is today a leader in its field. Glassmend prides itself on delivering excellent customer service, products and spares of the highest quality. Designed with the user in mind, the kit is lightweight and simple to use.

The Glassmend Windscreen Repair System is the ultimate choice in Windscreen Repair. It is an excellent business opportunity for glass repair outlets, as well as an ideal and professional tool for the entrepreneur.

Machined components are manufactured from high quality aluminium, and are also anodized for long life, and wear. Components are machined to tight tolerances on computerised machines. The moulded components are made from high strength polyurethane for long life & durability.

Designed to do long lasting repairs on all types of windscreens. Lightweight for convenience and easy mobility. Total weight of entire Kit just 6kg (Deluxe Model).

Components are housed in an aluminium case & displayed in compressed foam for ultimate protection and ease of use. Quality resins for long lasting repairs. Resins adhere to International Requirements.

Types of Glassmend Windscreen Repair Kits

There are two available models of the Glassmend Repair Kit, the Starterand Deluxe versions made to suit varying budgets. Both perform quality repairs but the Deluxe model uses a unique vacuum/pressure method which is highly effective in the repair of all types of cracks and chips. See inserts for more details.


  • The bridge fits in the palm of your hand and is equipped with a pressure regulator which adjusts the pressure of the injector against the glass, for those breaks that have a tendency to run.
  • The tips are disposable and all the vacuum pressureand surface seals are built into it.
  • The system is equipped with a unique release mechanism which releases the bridge from the windscreen on completion of the repair.
  • Funnels for applying resin without mess & wastage.
  • Comprehensive step by step Manual, supplied for quick reference and Instructions.
  • The machine is 90% mechanical, no sophisticated electronic components.
  • Consumables are readily available.